Jan 23, 2012

The Hand Written Letter Project

Sometimes, something very simple can be very beautiful.

5 years ago, Craig Oldham started the hand written letter project, simply to honor and salute the hand written letter. And you can still be a part of it. I've just sent Craig a hand written letter, telling him to keep up the good work. Why? Because I also like to send and receive hand written letters.

Check out Craig's project, and join in!


Oct 18, 2011

Water.org is providing clean water on a global scale

So, you are a global mega star. What do you do with your fame?

In the case of Matt Damon, he teamed up with Gary White and together they founded water.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean water to developing countries. And their work is paying off. Why? Because they do not send clean water in a bottle and leave it at that.They provide insight and education, enabling people in developing countries to dig wells and learn about providing water for themselves.

We encourage you to donate to water.org if you can. Watch the video below to see but a short introduction to the work they do:


Aug 25, 2011

Gone to soon

Our very dear friend Troels Poulsen was taken from us last week. 30 years old.

Troels was a kind, smart, curious and warm human being. Rarely have I met a person so genuinely interested in learning about the world, while eager to pass on his knowledge. He was a dedicated high school teacher, and today at his funeral so many of his students and his colleagues cried for him. As did my friends and I along with his sweet family.

We will miss you forever, buddy.



Aug 9, 2011

Unsung Norwegian Heroes

As one might expect, American media has not been too good at reporting the recent Norwegian massacre truthfully. Unfortunately, International media altogether nearly missed this story.

When married lesbians Toril Hansen and Hege Dalen were eating at their campsite, they heard gunshots fired nearby (at Utøya) and they didn't hesitate to jump in their boat and race to the rescue of the panicking youngsters. In a total of four trips to the island, they managed to rescue 40 young people, saving them from the onslaught of the crazed gunman.

We salute Toril and Hege for their bravery. Well done, ladies. Well done indeed.

(Photo credit: Maija Tammi/HS)


Jun 8, 2011

How The ISA came about

In 1968 The International Commission on Technology and Accessibility held a design contest to come up with a logo that would be easily recognizable as representing access for disabled persons at any given location. Danish graphic design student Susanne Koefoed sent in the now globally recognized symbol of access, without receiving as much as a penny for it. It is beautiful and immediately understood by anyone who comes accross it.

Send Susanne a thought of 'thank you' the next time you see it. What a simple and great design it is.